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Thanks for #FWF22

The Football Writers' Festival is over for another year (16 months to be precise).

We hope all who attended and took part enjoyed it as much as we did. The feedback has been terrific and we think the programme was a great mix of books, issues, and debate.

We want to thank all the readers, writers, thinkers and dreamers who attended #FWF22 in Jamberoo.

Special thanks to the crew at Jamberoo Pub, MC Adrian Arciuli, all the legends of the game, speakers, presenters, panellists, administrators and volunteers who gave up their time to be part of it.

Thank you also to our sponsors and in-kind partners:

  • Destination NSW

  • Destination Kiama

  • Johnny Warren Football Foundation (Founding Sponsor)

  • Fair Play Publishing (Founder)

  • StreamGate

  • Salena Estate Wines (for the winning Quiz team)

Don't forget next year: 15-17 July 2023 in the Tar-Ra area of Sydney. See you then!


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