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The Football Writers Festival is more than football, and more than writing and reading. It helps put our 'game of opinions' into action in a fun, relaxed, and stimulating environment with other people who know and love football as much as we do. 

Our Festival brings together a melting pot of readers, authors, writers, and interested voices in a single location that encourages and inspires meaningful and respectful debate and discussion.

We invite you to join us in 2024 for two days of football discussion and debate, with interesting panels and activities for all to enjoy. Whether you're a football historian, a writer, player, historian, or a fan who loves to talk about the game, you'll find something for you at the Football Writers' Festival.

The Football Writers' Festival is an initiative of Fair Play Publishing with the support of the Johnny Warren Football Foundation.


The Football Writers Festival welcomes support from partner organisations to deliver our engaging and enjoyable annual festival that celebrates football, writing and ideas. We invite you to be part of the important conversations in football and help us bring writers and thinkers from around Australia and the world, to explore the big ideas in our game. Our annual program includes one-on-one conversations, panel discussions, Q&A sessions on books published in the previous 12+ months, and social events.

For additional information about partner packages, or to discuss tailoring a partnership to meet your needs, please contact us via email: or call us directly at: +61 (0)2 7229 4889.

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There are a thousand reasons to help out but the overriding one is likely to be your love for football and the great stories behind it. If you're interested in lending a hand at our next festival reach out to us directly and let us know what you would like to do. 

We can't wait to see you. 

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