#FWF2020 line-up

Simon Hill

Journalist, Commentator & Author

Simon is Chief Football Commentator with FOX Sports, a journalist & author of the autobiography, 'Just A Gob on a Stick' (2017).

Peter Kunz

Author & Archivist

Peter is a retired archivist and author of 'Chronicles of Soccer in Australia - the Foundation Years 1859 to 1949' (2019).

Jonathan Howcorft

Freelance Journalist

Jonathan is a freelance sportswriter and broadcaster whose work can be found most often in 'The Guardian'.

James Johnson

CEO, Football Federation Australia

James is CEO of FFA. He has is former Australian U-17 international, and has previously worked with the PFA, the AFC, FIFA and the City Football Group. (NB: Either James Johnson OR FFA Chairman Chris Nikou will attend).

Heather Garriock

Coach, Football Analyst, Matilda

Heather played 130 A-internationals for Australia, including three World Cups, three Asian Cups and two Olympic Games. She was part of the Asian Cup winning squad of 2010, has scored in multiple World Cups, and also scored in Australia’s first win at a senior women’s tournament (Athens 2004). Her representative career came to an end due to a lack of maternity and childcare policy, with Heather eventually forcing FFA to change. At club level, she has played in Australia, the USA, Denmark and Sweden, and was awarded the Julie Dolan Medal in 2003. Heather was a player-coach with Sydney University, assistant coach to Alen Stajcic for the Matildas, and coach of Canberra United for three seasons. She is also a football analyst with Optus Sport.

Debbie Spillane, AM

Journalist & Author

Debbie retired from a long professional career as a journalist with the ABC and other radio stations, as well as with rugby league and basketball clubs. She remains professionally active as a community-based radio host and journalist in northern NSW. Her autobiography 'Where Do You Think You're Goin', Lady?' was published in 2007.

Craig Foster

Football Analyst, Lawyer, Human Rights Activist, Socceroo

'Fozz' is a former professional football player in Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and England, Socceroo, and Australia’s leading football advocate, personality and analyst with SBS-TV - as well as human rights campaigner. He is also a Pro-License coach, and lawyer. He is a member of the Australian Multicultural Council, and author of the books 'Fozz on Football' (2010) and 'Saving Hakeem' (2019).

Shireen Ahmed


Shireen from Canada is co-host of the popular Burn It All Down podcast and a widely published freelance sports writer.

Michael Lynch


Michael is Chief Soccer Writer with The Age in Melbourne.

John Maynard

Professor & Author

John is Professor of Indigenous Education & Research at the University of Newcastle. He is also Chairman of the Charles Perkins Soccer Academy. The second edition of his book 'The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe' was published in 2019.

James Corbett

Journalist, Author, Publisher

James is a correspondent for offthepitch.com, author of several books on Everton Football Club, publisher and Everton fan.

Greg Werner

Author & Radio Producer

Greg is co-author of the 'Encyclopedia of Matildas' (2019) and is currently working on his second book, to be published in 2022.

David Picken

Academic & Author

David is author of 'The Time of My Football Life' (2019) about his adventures in Germany at the 2006 World Cup.

Bonita Mersiades

Writer, Author, Publisher, Activist, Whistleblower

Bonita is the founder of the Football Writers' Festival, a regular writer on football business issues, author of 'My World Is Round' (1998) and the only insider account of the 2018/2022 World Cup bidding contest (2018), and owner of Fair Play Publishing.

Ray Gatt

Journalist & Author

Ray was Chief Football Writer with 'The Australian' for more than 30 years, including a 40-year career in sports journalism. He now works as a media consultant for Western Sydney Wanderers FC. He is the writer of 'The Rale Rasic Story' (2007).

Matthew Hall

Journalist & Author

Matthew is a freelance expat journalist based in the USA, who has written several football books including 'The Away Game' (2001) and 'If I Started to Cry, I Wouldn't Stop' (2019).

Jason Goldsmith

Author & HR Systems Consultant

Jason is author of 'Surfing for England - Our Lost Socceroos' (2019) and is co-writing with Lucas Gillard his second book, to be published in 2021.

Ian Syson

Academic & Author

Ian holds a PhD in Literature and is the author of 'The Game that Never Happened' (2018).

Emma Kemp


Emma is a freelance football journalist who was previously with the Daily Telegraph and AAP in Sydney. She is currently completing a Masters of International Relations.

Damian Collins

British MP, Sports Activist, Author

Damian is a British MP, former Chairman of the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Committee of the House of Commons, and a prominent sports activist - long before the 2015 FIFA arrests. He is the author of 'Charmed Life, the phenomenal world of Philip Sassoon' (2016).

Andrew Howe

Author and Statistician

Andrew is a statistician by day (with the ABS) and night (football's statto), and author of the 'Encyclopedia of Socceroos' (2018) and co-author of the 'Encyclopedia of Matildas' (2019).

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