Theme:  Our football, our culture. 

This was the program planned for 2021. It is likely to change for 2022 subject to the availability of speakers for the new date. We will update the program and the line-up from the end of 2021.

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Portraits in Football Exhibition

A photo exhibition of a selection of photographs from the Fair Play Collection, to accompany launch of the book (the book and the exhibition contain different photographs, but there are a few in common). Entry price includes drink on arrival and canapés

Friday October 1, 6pm

Acknowledgement of Country

From Professor John Maynard

Friday October 1, 7pm

Michael Cockerill Oration

Andy Harper gives the Michael Cockerill Oration, in honour of longstanding football journalist and Hall of Fame member, Michael Cockerill, who died too soon in 2017

Friday October 1, 7pm

Acknowledgement of Country

From Professor John Maynard

Saturday October 2, 10am

Football Culture: Then & Now

In Conversation with Brendan Schwab

Facilitator: Jonathan Howcroft

Saturday October 2, 10.10am

Can Football Ever Be the Prevailing Culture?

Dr Hunter Fujak talks about his book 'Code Wars, followed by a panel with Hunter, Craig Foster, Brendan Schwab

Facilitator:  Tony Harper

Saturday October 2, 11.30am

Life as a Soccer Statto

Andrew Howe, the unofficial official 'statto' for Australian football gives an insight into what he does and why he does it.

Saturday October 2, 1.45pm

It's Our Culture

In Conversation with Professor John Maynard

Facilitator:  Michael Cain

Saturday October 2, 2.30pm

Football and the Art of Writing

Greg Downes (Academic), Vicky Krayem (Journalist & Author), Texi Smith (Novelist)

Facilitator: Ian Syson


Saturday October 2, 3.45pm

Changing Culture

In Conversation with Craig Foster

Facilitator: Emma Kemp

Saturday October 2, 5.15pm

Legends Happy Hour

Andy Bernal, Gary Cole, Frank Farina, John Kosmina, Ron Lord, Ray Richards, Trixie Tagg

Facilitator: Adrian Arciuli

Saturday October 2, 6pm

Hard Quiz with the Ladies League

Saturday October 2, 8pm

Next Gen Culture

Samantha Lewis, Madeline Morris, Nick Stoll, Rose Valente

Facilitator: Bonita Mersiades

Sunday October 3, 9am

Canberra, Spain, Beckham and the Whole Damn Thing

In Conversation with Andy Bernal

Facilitator: Craig Foster

Sunday October 3, 10am

Football Superstars: Cultural Cringe or Marketing Genius?

Jason Goldsmith and Lucas Gillard talk about their book, 'Be My Guest; followed by a panel with Jason, Lucas, Gary Cole, Frank Farina, John Kosmina and Ken Morton 

Facilitator: Val Migliaccio

Sunday October 3, 11.15am

The Docteroos

Panel discussion with four people who completed a PhD on football or a sports-related issue: Fiona Crawford, Greg Downes, Hunter Fujak, Andy Harper

Facilitator: Tom Smithies

Sunday October 3, 1.45pm

A-League 3.0. A Cultural Awakening?

In Conversation with Danny Townsend

Facilitator: Simon Hill

Saturday October 3, 2.45pm