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Crisis. Opportunity. Change.

What a time it's been since we announced on 17 March (five days before the Prime Minister moved to shutdown mode) that we would postpone the Football Writers' Festival set for the last weekend in May.

For Australian football, it's been a time of crisis, a time of opportunity, and a time to change.

And that's the theme of the 2020 Football Writers' Festival that we are resurrecting, to be held in Pyrmont (Sydney) on 26 & 27 September 2020.

So much to talk about, so much to debate - and we're delighted to have FFA CEO, James Johnson, amongst the headline guests.

Also amongst the guest speakers/presenters are Ray Gatt, Val Migliaccio, Simon Hill and Socceroos Craig Moore and Craig Foster, to name just a few.

The Festival is being held in Sydney, rather than Jamberoo, because Jamberoo is pre-booked for a function throughout most of September and, in addition, the restrictions means that our beloved Jamberoo Pub can only allow 25 people into the premises.

So we have selected the Harlequin Inn at Pyrmont where we have been allocated the entire first floor for the Festival.

Having said that, numbers are strictly limited as the venue must adhere to the 4 square metre/person requirement that comes into place on July 1, as well as other NSW Government requirements. Only those who have purchased tickets (or who are speakers/guests) can attend, and we encourage everyone to download the COVID Safe App.

If the social distancing settings ease between now and then, we can increase the numbers accordingly. If restrictions are tightened further, then we will cancel altogether for 2020 and plan big for 2021.

Please take a look around the website: at the speakers/guests so far, the program outline, the reading list and possible accommodation options in and around Pyrmont.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

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