Do I need to buy tickets?



We do not recommend you just 'rock-up' on the day as the space is limited. You can purchase tickets here: $10 for one day, $15 for two days.

Are there any extra costs?

The Legends Happy Hour is courtesy of Hyundai, but you will need to pay for Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch yourself, directly to the Bistro at the Jamberoo Pub, or wherever you choose to eat in Jamberoo.

What do I do when I get there?

Please head straight to the Johnny Warren Football Museum at the back of the Pub and register. 

Will I get a chance to ask any questions of the guests?

Of course! As well as the breaks, each session will also include the opportunity for questions from the floor - no exceptions. We only ask that you say who you are, refrain from profanity, and are courteous at all times. 

Is there a program?

Yes! As well as the website here, you can download our guidebook App which has the program, information about the speakers, links to social media and more. It's also a way of us keeping in touch with you over the Festival. (Link to be provided for 2020). 

Is there a hashtag?

Of course! #FWF20

Do I need to book accommodation?

Yes you do. Please take a look at our accommodation page with some options in, and around, Jamberoo.

Can we buy any books?

Yes! You can purchase the following: 

  • Encyclopedia of Socceroos (paperback edition) by Andrew Howe

  • Chronicles of Soccer in Australia - The Foundation Years 1859 to 1949 by Peter Kunz

  • Surfing for England - Our Lost Socceroos by Jason Goldsmith

  • The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe by John Maynard

  • The Time of My Football Life by David Picken

  • 'If I started to cry, I wouldn't stop' by Matthew Hall

  • Introducing Jarrod Black and Jarrod Black - Hospital Pass by Texi Smith

  • Playing for Australia -the First Socceroos, Asia and the World Game by Trevor Thompson

  • Support Your Local League - a south-east Asian football odyssey by Antony Sutton

  • The Game that Never Happened: the vanishing history of soccer in Australia  by Ian Syson
  • The World Cup Chronicles - 31 Days that Rocked Brazil by Jorge Knijnik

  • Under the Lights and In the Dark and Finding the Game by Gwendolyn Oxenham

  • Whatever It Takes - the Inside Story of the FIFA Way by Bonita Mersiades

  • Just a gob on a stick by Simon Hill

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