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Is there a COVIDSafe plan?

We are following the COVID-safe guidelines issued by the NSW Government on 1 July 2020 for conference venues. We have selected a venue (the Manly Pavilion) which is a bespoke conference venue and complies with the COVIDSafe guidelines required by the NSW Government. This means that:

  • All attendees must purchase tickets beforehand. There are strict total attendance numbers to adhere to the NSW Government's 4 square metres/person guidelines, so no walk-ins will be accepted. If you have not purchased a ticket to the Football Writers' Festival beforehand, you will be declined entry.
  • On both days on arrival, please ensure your arrival is registered at the registration desk.
  • You will be temperature checked at the start of both days (or when you arrive).
  • You will be provided with a 'goodie bag' on the first day that includes personal hand sanitiser. Please ensure you have this with you on the second day.
  • All seating will be set-up by the venue operator to meet COVIDSafe guidelines.
  • On current guidelines, you are not required to wear a face mask, but you are encouraged to wear one if you feel safer and comfortable in doing so. Disposable masks will be available for this purpose if required.
  • We encourage the use of the Australian Government's COVIDSafe App.
  • Morning and/or afternoon tea will be provided by the venue in accordance with COVID-safe guidelines.

Do I need to buy tickets?

Yes. As noted, above, because of social distancing requirements anticipated to still be in operation at the time, we have a strict limit on numbers, so we cannot accept walk-ins. If you turn-up on the day and you have not already purchased a ticket, we will have to decline your entry. You can purchase tickets here: $15 for two days.

Are there any extra costs?

You will need to pay for your own food and alcohol/soft drinks, other than provided morning/afternoon tea breaks. There is an option to purchase a $30 'pasta and salad' dinner for the Saturday evening via this website; or you can get dinner elsewhere in Manly if you intend staying for the Saturday evening sessions. There will also be a bar service provided from about 3pm on each day, which will operate in accordance with COVIDSafe guidelines (currently seated service, with contactless payment).

What do I do when I get there?

The Ballroom has its own entrance, on the ground level of the Manly Pavilion which you can enter via the walkway known as Fairlight Walk. It is a five-minute walk from Manly Wharf. Please register your attendance at the registration desk. Because of COVID restrictions, we must ask you to register with us, take a temperature check, and provide you with a personal supply of hand sanitiser.

Will I get a chance to ask any questions of the guests?

Yes! As well as the breaks, each session will also include the opportunity for questions from the floor - no exceptions. We only ask that you say who you are, refrain from profanity, and are courteous at all times.

Is there a program?

Yes, please find the program here. This is, of course, subject to travel restrictions for interstate speakers/moderators.

Can we record sessions?

Please do not record or video a session. Please do not take photographs unless the individual(s) agree otherwise. There will be a podcast available after the Festival via us. The Festival will also be live streamed via this website (subject to below). It is possible that a session (or more) may operate under the Chatham House Rule, which we would expect all attendees to respect otherwise we reserve the right to refuse entry in future years.

Is there a hashtag?

Of course! #FWF2020

Do I need to book accommodation?

Yes you do, if you intend staying nearby the venue on Saturday night. Further information on accommodation options nearby is here.

Can we buy any books?

Yes! We will have copies of books published by Fair Play Publishing and other publishers.​ We will also have available the Special Edition of PLAY ON e-magazine, a one-off composite of all six PLAY ON magazines to date produced exclusively for the Football Writers' Festival. Contactless payment is preferred.

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