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Announcing the 2024 Football Writers' Festival

We're heading to Melbourne on 5-6 October 2024. While we get things ready, get into the mood with podcasts from the previous four festivals. Sign-up to our e-news to stay up-to-date.


5 & 6 October 2024

Saturday and Sunday


Preston Lions Football Club

B.T. Connor Reserve

Broadhurst Avenue, Reservoir

Football Writers' Festival




Sydney, a city rich in cultural and linguistic diversity, creativity, and beautiful light, is home to a unique three-day Football Writers' Festival that celebrates our shared love of football, writing and ideas.


On the eve of the first Women's World Cup involving 32 teams across two host nations, we explore issues at a time of significant change in the football world, as well as simply escape into great stories.


The Football Writers' Festival feeds the hearts and minds of all who love football, and will leave you energised, informed, and inspired.

Youth Conference


Hear Us Roar

Grand ambitions and doing it our way. We hear from some of the women who help shape and tell the stories of the game, including our emerging women writers.

First Nations

Emeritus Professor John Maynard is a Worrimi Aboriginal man and our First Nations Curator, who will present and discuss the complexities and challenges of developing a First Nations football culture. 

That's a Fact!

For the curious, the truth-seekers, the fact-finders and knowledge-hunters. From award-winning international journalists to renowned biographers, football historians to stats nerds—enjoy learning from, and debating with, the best in the business. 

Big Ideas

Where would we be without players, fans, activists, advocates and even administrators who want this sport to be better, and a positive reflection of what we want for society? Be challenged by big ideas, big dreams, and big plans in our game of opinions.

Football Stories

Everybody loves a story and we deliver into the developing world of football—novels from female football fiction to young adult fiction to football political thrillers and everything in-between, as well as real life football stories.

Let's Get Social

It's not just a talk, talk, talk. Join us for the Festival Happy Hour on Saturday 15th July prior to a Hypothetical hosted by Nick Harris.

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